How To Make Your Goals A Reality


How To Make Your Goals A Reality

We all have goals, from big life long goals to the little stuff that we want to accomplish, and they range from personal, work related, school related or even relationship goals. But it’s one thing to have a list of goals on your wish list, and another thing to make them happen. Here’s how to make your goals a reality:

  • Get specific. Setting broad goals is a good way to start, but you need to get specific if you even want to feel like you’ve achieved something. Instead of saying, “I want to be a professional athlete”, you might get more specific about what that means and say, “I want to play sports and get a financial sponsorship for it”. This kind of specific goal helps define exactly what you want to do and helps narrow down the path for achieving it.
  • Break it down. Don’t wait until you have achieved your ultimate goal to cross something off your to-do list. Break down a large goal into little chunks and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment for every step along the way. Instead of just saying “I want to land my dream job”, break it down to “update resume, send in application, set up meeting, etc”. This gives you a really clear set of steps that you need to take and makes the big goal seem much more manageable. You also get the feeling of accomplishment along the way, rather than waiting until the end.

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